Wyse is a South coast based multi-instrumentalist and singer. Although the name ‘WYSE’ first appeared at a sleepover in her early teens, it only became permanent when she arrived at university. Before arriving, WYSE and friends had an evening out themed “no chance of getting laid” where they dressed as bizarrely as they could and each created a new identity for the evening. WYSE and one friend so enjoyed how it felt to be whoever they wished for that evening that they made a pact to start university under their new names. Over time, the ‘fake’ names solidified between them. WYSE enjoyed how changing her name to something seemingly ridiculous felt so freeing, like she could be anything and whoever she wanted to be.

WYSE’s emotional intelligence is the catalyst for her musical projects. She is driven by a need to express difficult truths, by a visceral need to communicate the life she lives in the time in which she finds herself. WYSE’s music showcases poignant, compelling lyrics propelled by infectious melodies, unexpected rhythms and percussive interludes, growling guitars and swelling synths. Her musical influences inspire a bold quest for sonic experimentation and relatable intimacy. The Anomalies project is borne from the melding of these emotional and sonic influences. Her release of singles Not That Sorry, Drown and Hologram during 2021 were accompanied by live-performance videos and remixes by Billy Lunn of The Subways, Kristian Bell of The Wytches and Tiiva.