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WULL are an explosive, diverse new band in 2023. Influenced by the likes of Shame, The Strokes, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.  WULL capture a currently rising energy of post-punk attitude while maintaining aspects of the music that raised them. Anthemic, melodic choruses with lyrics that describe the inner thoughts of everyday life. The band formed in late 2022 and have written an EP set to release in 2023. The EP is composed of 5 songs, each one showing diversity in the band's song writing. There are moments of chaos and energy, and also of slow-paced inner conflict. As melancholic as the music may sound at times, the lyrics consistently maintain an aspect of hope. The signature of the band's lyrics is the silver lining to each chorus. No matter how dark a person's thoughts can be, or how sorrowful a song can sound, there is a light that shines through every chorus encouraging people to keep dreaming. The name WULL derives from slang local to the band's origin. To be a 'Wool' is to be someone from outside Liverpool. While the band live in and around Liverpool, no members were born in the city or claim to be scousers. However, the city's ever-thriving live music scene has been the home of the band since its creation.

‘Running Out’ is the debut single of WULL, shortly to be followed by 2 more singles and finally a debut EP in the summer. ‘Running Out’ lyrically varies between hopelessness and hopefulness. The overarching message of the band is that in the darkest of times, there is still a glimmer of hope on the horizon and WULL maintains a silver lining to each mournful lyric. ’Running Out’ was the beginning of that message. The verses are a calm, sullen atmosphere that represents a feeling of loneliness and confliction. Meanwhile the choruses leap into an anthemic explosion of motivation. The song climaxes in a guitar riff-fuelled breakdown within which the lyrics are almost consumed, giving a feeling of pure energy from the band as a whole.  ‘Running Out’ was recorded and produced by Alex Quinn (She Drew The Gun, The Blinders, The Lottery Winners, The Royston Club). WULL are Vocals - Ben Coles, Guitar - Ethan Tyler, Guitar - John Carter, Bass - Jim Green and Drums - Oscar Hellewell

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