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VIGILANTES' are a soundtrack for the human condition, approved of by indie giants.  Theirs is music for the introverted extroverts, the night drivers, the cynical sarcastics and the romantic dreamers, their genre can best be described as moody alt rock for the introverted heart.  In 2020, they were chosen to be part of the unique festival experience of BBCR1’s Big Weekend In Isolation with Mike Skinner a.k.a The Streets selecting them to be one of his picks from the BBC Introducing uploader. 

Championed by Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart, VIGILANTES continue the British tradition of taking American sounds and stuffing it with classic British tone. Noted by Tom Robinson as being, ‘On a mission’, VIGILANTES have shared stages with the likes of Circa Waves, The Sherlocks & Fickle Friends.  VIGILANTES have released 2 EP’s as of 2023, ‘The Neighbourhood’ in 2022 following on from ‘Ambedos Auras’ in 2021.  After a chance meeting outside the legendary Hebden Bridge Trade Club they caught the attention of Gordon Raphael (Producer of The Strokes, Is This It? & Room On Fire) who took up the role of producer on their forthcoming single.    

‘Fall into You’ was recorded and produced by Gordon Raphael at Eiger Studios, Leeds, mixed by Brendan Cox at Tileyard Studios and mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road, London,

Of the new single, single singer James says, “It's a flow of consciousness that reflects how impulsive the song is and going all in. It's a love that you know instinctively is for ever and you're both into it for the long haul. When you're at a point in your life where you make serious decisions and gone through all the flings and heartache and you now want the real deal. It's maturity but still keeping the youthful lust.”  Of their incendiary name, singer James commented, “Most band names are terrible, but I wanted something that was a single word and could be used with a 'The' in front of it, like The Killers or The Vaccines. I was searching for a word and just saw it pop up online somewhere. We just needed a name and planned to change it, but it just stuck. When Vigilantes was said, we all nodded and went "Yeah that'll do" and then cracked on writing music as that was way more important to us at the time.“

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