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UZUMAKI were born out of a love for 90's punk rock, bedroom band posters and the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. ‘Loseralla’ is their first release for Everything Sucks Music after being signed earlier this year and follows previous DIY singles,‘Tired’ and ‘Screw Loose’.

UZUMAKI have a knack for creating guitar-driven rock songs that are confessional yet enigmatic. Having released their high-energy debut single "Tired" via BBC Introducing in March 2021 the band quickly gained the attention of slackers, skaters and dreamers far and wide, providing a nostalgic and instantly recognisable score to their lives.  The band followed with “Screw Loose" which showcased a heavier aspect but all the while staying close to their romantic side. 

Brand new single ‘Loseralla’ shows a huge step up for UZUMAKI - with label Everything Sucks Music planning this as the first release towards a full EP summer 2023.  Says vocalist Alex Cheung “‘Loserella’ was written from a time of conflict between adolescence and adulthood, navigating air-headed-ness and ‘responsibility’ (whatever that means). The track - like many Uzumaki songs - can be interpreted in many ways depending on where you are in your own life, correlating with your experience in relationships with partners, friends, objects or even vices. The track explores love and admiration for something or someone that is either initially or eventually perceived as much as an enemy as an aid. I think we can all relate to this juxtaposing idea; complaining about the rain,followed by complaining about the heat. Searching for the one, then feeling trapped in a relationship.Desperate for the job, then hating attending work. ‘Loserella’ sits on the positive side of this fence, embracing the love for the very thing you might consider an antagonist.”

With all things 90’s and Grunge once again as Zeitgeist touchstones UZUMAKI's timing with ‘Loserella’ is as spot on as their riffs. 

UZUMAKI are Alex Cheung (guitar, lead vocals) Nick Allen (guitar, vocals)Alex Fletcher (drums, vocals), Conor Thompson (bass)

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