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The Dream Machine

THE DREAM MACHINE take their name from ‘Dream Machine’ , an invention that recreates hallucinations similar to psychedelics without taking substances with their music being portrayed as enigmatic, mysterious and very psychedelic. Formed in 2021, the band have already released two four track LP’s ‘Vol 1: Sacraments’ + ‘Vol 2: ‘On The Water’ which gained regional and national support including BBC Radio 6 Music from Steve Lamacq and Chris Hawkins, BBC Radio London from Gary Crowley, BBC Introducing in Merseyside from Dave Monks as well as repeat plays across Amazing Radio.

Speaking of the new single, singer Zak said, “Wild One is a tale of the old west, two friends caught in a love triangle they can’t escape. It’s a lonely man dreaming of a past love and seeing her image in every place he goes. Cowboys, childhood and camaraderie  laced with guilt”. 

THE DREAM MACHINE eschews a playful take on sixties and the current wave of psychedelic acts.  Their charistmaic Spotify  Biography says, “First they were holy, then cast to sea, now they’re all cowboys. Behold! Volume 3” Fans will spot references to “Sacraments”, “Water” and also the sleeve of their latest EP ‘Pooch slingers’.  Regarding their influences frontman Zak added “I take inspiration from everything from Hemingway to Fraggle Rock, if there’s a good story there, I can get a song out of it. It saves me having to write about myself. Vol 3 is heavily inspired by Grateful Dead and the stories of Richard Ford, its an indie psych band soundtracking Easy Rider.” 

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