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Teenage Sequence

TEENAGE SEQUENCE is set to release the 4th and final single ahead of his self titled debut album, the new single, ‘Tell Me Your Name’ will be released on the 29th Aug across all digital platforms via Everything Sucks Music UK and in the USA by Get Better Records.  Radio Focus/Impact date is slated for 15th Sept.   

‘Tell Me Your Name’ follows previous releases, ‘D.I.S Connect’, ‘All This Art’ and ‘The City Is Hungover’.  Airplay support includes BBCR1, BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X - Playlist, KEXP and Amazing Radio. 

British Asian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dewan-Dean Soomary known as Teenage Sequence tells acid-tongued and relatable stories about the humiliations and alienations of modern life:  His new single  ‘Tell Me Your Name’ blends the snappy pop sensibility of indie discos with savage social commentary of post-punk. Imagine the scene.  A group of black and brown teenage boys wait in line for a club, surrounded by beautiful art school dropouts in “tiny jackets and borrowed nostalgia” high on cheap cocaine and cheaper vodka— the average Saturday night scene in 2007 London. Behind the club doors are all their hopes and dreams: love, sex, rock’n’roll, and the fantasy that one day it’ll be their music that will pour out of the PA over the leather-clad, shoulder-dancing masses below. But as they approach those doors, the smile of the Jarvis Cocker clone playing gatekeeper begins to turn sinister— just for them— and they know why. The power has shifted. They know the truth before it’s spoken: “Not tonight, boys... we got enough of your type already.”  

The fourth and final single from TEENAGE SEQUENCE’s debut self-titled album, ‘Tell Me Your Name’ is the based-on-real-life story of an event that serves as a microcosm of Soomary’s experiences in the music industry and the bleak realities that come with being an artist of colour. The track showcases another side of the multi-instrumentalist Soomary’s songwriting prowess and skill in writing a chorus with an undeniable hook— in this case, a plea for the listener to tell him their name, so that they might not forget it in the face of prejudice.

Speaking of the new single ‘Tell Me Your Name’, Soomary says ““On ‘Tell Me Your Name’ I wanted to create a pastiche of a pastiche and leaned heavily into sounds and arpeggiators that one might find on a mid 2000s indie-disco record that itself was trying to replicate that post-disco pre-dance late 1970s sound. I wanted to create something familiar, comfortable, and then juxtapose this really bleak story against, I tried to create something that upon further listens becomes quite uncomfortable -because to me that is what 90% of racism is, every day normal events having the potential to turn into something uncomfortable due to someone else’s prejudice and us being powerless to do anything about it. Like, I have experienced more visceral and violent forms of racism, that goes without saying, but for some reason it's stuff like not getting into a club for no other reason than skin colour that stays with me the most. I really hope that this song does the other people who were with me justice. I personally think it’s the best song I’ve ever written, but really in this my opinion doesn’t matter.”

With headline shows that deliver lush synthesizers, fuzzy guitars, relentless 909 beats and live drums, TEENAGE SEQUENCE has already played for Club The Mammoth, Radio X’s John Kennedy and the legendary indie club @ The Exeter Cavern among other, each time demanding that the listener dance, even as it reminds them that the dance-floor is burning.

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