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Scattered Ashes

Dublin’s SCATTERED ASHES return with their demanding new single ‘Homeowners’ set for release st March via Fatal Vision Records with digital distribution by Distrokid.  Radio Focus/Impact is slated for 22nd September.

SCATTERED ASHES are an abrasive angular four piece defined by urgent guitars and prophetic vocals. The band matches aggressive sonic textures with a strict sense of space.  You can hear their many influences, but the product is entirely their own. Taking cues from the likes of Killing Joke, Interpol and Joy Division the band sit in a darker lane than many of their contemporaries.  SCATTERED ASHES burst onto the scene in November 2020 with their debut single, ‘Love Is Not An Option’ receiving airplay from Steve Lamacq.  Their ‘Parallel Lines EP’ followed on blood red vinyl, selling out in its first week in Rough Trade stores throughout the UK.  In 2022 SCATTERED ASHES opened for Sprints and THUMPER with HOT PRESS premiering the video for their previous single ‘Feral’ to critical acclaim.

New single ‘Homeowners' follows, Battles’, ‘Feral’ and ‘This New Will’ and finds the band as their most dramatic. 

Speaking of the new single, singer Rob says, “Homeowners’ deals with the concept of ‘right person, wrong time.’ An unspoken romance between two people destined to ponder what could have been. Fate dealt a different hand, two individuals who are inextricably connected are now passing ships in the night. Tied up in the trappings of adulthood and family life they simply have too much to lose to ever act: ‘It doesn’t matter now we’re homeowners.’  The track is defined by a yearning vocal melody, ethereal guitar harmonics and bounding rhythm.

‘Our eyes meet unfolding, and time is slowing, we’re close to the feeling but lost in the meaning.’

In the lead-up to release, SCATTERED ASHES are embarking on a short U.K. tour, with dates in iconic venues in Manchester and London.  Previous singles, 'Battles', ‘Feral’ and ‘This New Will’ earned the band Editorial support on Spotify with the tracks featuring on Melomania, The PUNK List and All New PUNK playlists. 

‘Homeowners’ was recorded and mixed by Daniel Fox (Gilla Band) at Sonic Studios Dublin and mastered by Pete Maher. SCATTERED ASHES are Robert Dalton (Vocals/Guitar), Gerry Sheil (Bass/Backing Vocals), Ben Downes (Guitar) and Cillian Sheil (Drums).  

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