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President Elect

PRESIDENT ELECT the West London’s alternative quartet announce their debut single ‘REBOUND’ self released on 9th June with Digi Distro by Distrokid.  Radio Impact is slated for 30th June.

REBOUND is PRESIDENT ELECT’s debut single, following a positive response to a collection of demo releases such as ‘Addicted’ and ‘Last Forever EP’ in 2022. ‘REBOUND’ was recorded and produced by Tayte Nickols (Dana Luna, Supera Morza) of Mad Fox Studios in Rochdale, this new release also signifies a new era for the band and a new face melting, if refined, ‘in your face’ sound.

PRESIDENT ELECT was originally formed by twins Zak and Iggy Waller in 2019. They quickly attained a strong relationship with their audience, with lyrics being sung back to them even at their earliest performances. This sparked the growth of PRESIDENT ELECT when the boys moved to London in 2021, with the addition of lead guitarist Vincent Barulis helping to transform their already well-established songwriting into the larger-than-life tracks that have since infiltrated the London live music scene. In 2022, rhythm guitarist Jude Crook joined, completing the line-up and elevating their sound further. So far, PRESIDENT ELECT have built a reputation for themselves as a tight, energetic and sought-after live act, notably supporting on a number of sold-out shows, as well as headlining a recent sold-out show at The Hope & Anchor, Islington and being selected to play this year’s Vale Fest.

When speaking of’ REBOUND’, Iggy said, “It’s a story about being broken up with and trying to fix yourself by hooking up with a new person and inevitably regretting it. The song reflects on the different stages of having a rebound, starting with the initial breakup, meeting someone new, feeling bad for using the person, and then still not being over the initial person who broke up with you. All tied together with an in-your-face chorus that you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs, REBOUND is a song that will relate to almost everyone who's been on either side of a rebound.”

 ‘REBOUND’ boldly emphasises PRESIDENT ELECT’s 90s-00s influences and was produced by Tayte Nikols (Supera Morza, Dana Luna) and mastered by Katie Tavini Of Weird Jungle Mastering (Bloc Party, We Are Scientists, Nadine Shah,  Emeli Sandé, Arlo Parks, Ash, Sega Bodega and Moonchild Sanelly)

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