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The Lost Kickstarter Scheme

KICK-STARTER is a personalised music consultancy service for the current music industry.

What is it?

Kick-starter – is a targeted new approach to getting your 1 – your image and 2 – your on-line presence and your 3 – your next batch of songs recorded and presented to the highest level in readiness for scrutiny by A&R, labels, publishers and playlist managers and booking agents.
Using up to the minute industry knowledge, a wealth of insider tips and highest standards possible the team behind the LOST agency will completely overhaul, revamp, remodel and energise your music.  The goal is simple, to KICK-START you or your band moving you up to the next level.   With bands typically spending over £80 a month towards rehearsal fees isn’t it time you did yourself justice by taking the whole package up a level?  Your image, your on-line presence across all social media and your music can all be worked upon, with the goal being your whole output being noticeably improved ready to attract attention from A&R, labels, agents, promoters – making yourselves more attractive to music industry professionals

Wall of Old Records

Who are you?

Whether you’re a new band looking for better gigs, an established act seeking greater exposure, or an emerging artist wanting to build your fan-base via social media each act typically hits a wall – they think they’re doing everything they can to move forward and get to the next level – but they remain static something holds them back!  A crucial bit of jigsaw is missing!

Crowd at a Concert

How can we help?

For a one off fee – you’ll get the benefit of a personal consultation, a harsh grilling on your recorded material from experienced playlist producer and artist manager.  You’ll be given suggestions on ways to best present your band/act, advice with choosing the best publicity shots, practical tips on upgrading your YouTube Videos, strategic advice for planning release campaigns and help with optimising your social media presence so that your Twitter gains followers and Facebook grows likes.
You’ll also if necessary received advice on pre-production of songs – getting industry critical input into honing your next batch of tunes ready to record at a standard that radio demands.   You’ll also get coaching on connectivity with other bands, being shown where to look for the right breaks, so that you feel confident to maximise traction with blogs and emerging media.  You’ll also get practical help with setting up the necessary interlinked social media to support your project – including tips and advice on current must haves as well as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
The service includes Initial appraisal of material, meeting with artist manager and delivery of practical strategy highlighting areas to improve your image, music and on-line presence that assists in taking you up to the NEXT level.

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