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Mr Bewlay

The UK Art Pop extraordinaire Mr Bewlay has established himself as the paramount voice for the unorthodox. Currently based in Cardiff, Bewlay’s upbringing was flamboyant with an early induction onto the stage. With amateur dramatic performances of classics like West Side Story, A View From A Bridge and A Streetcar Named Desire Bewlay learnt the subtle intricacies of stage performance, a skill he brings with him to this day. Beginning his musical career under the mentorship of the respected Forte Project in Wales, Bewlay has pushed himself into releasing his ‘Electric Reason’ Trilogy which saw him expand his sound with the addition of synth-heavy, funk grooves and sweet retro-inspired pop hits. In addition he has played sold out headliner shows in prestigious venues such as Porters, Queens Hall and Ill Repute. As a champion for LGBTQ+ activism he has also given talks and performed at Queer festivals and shows with the On Your Face Collective. Recently Bewlay has signed with Tiwn Media and they are set to release the next wave of his music with their first being the Electric Reason EP. 

With a breadth of sound ranging from retro-spiced pop, to quiet reflective solo pieces, Bewlay’s unpredictability is also found in his music. With influences coming from artists such as David Bowie, St Vincent and Parquet Courts, Bewlay remains in a lane of his own with bombastic vocals, extravagant style and lyrics of the utmost originality.

When speaking about the new track Mr Bewlay said “Juniper was written as a challenge for myself, what people came to expect from me was the weird and the wonderful; however I set out the task of writing a song that was as sweet and as pastiche to the genre of bubblegum pop as I could muster. Bright sparkly synths and lyrics of admiration were dominant in this cuteys and harmless love song. Written and recorded during lockdown, the limitations of not being able to go out and record at a studio birthed the ‘Electric Reason’ EP. The restrictions meant pushing myself out of my comfort zone and working with instruments that I had only flirted with previously. What came out of it was exactly what I had set out to achieve, a loveable, delightful, harmless pop song which proved once again to never expect the unexpected when it comes to my artistry. “

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