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Luke Fraser

Welcome dear friends and music lovers to the new solo project of maverick musician LUKE FRASER, floating through time and genre while anchored to the ground by honest, intimate and at times scathing lyricism. Having written and recorded in attics in Kent, old factories in London, and spaces in between, Luke’s aim is to create a sound world tied to the past, but not trapped within it. His debut double A-Side captures the full breadth of the musical style. Crashing drums and swirling Hammond organs dominate the cathartic fairground rocker ‘Over Love’, while shimmering guitars, whirring reel to reels and Fellini-esque Farfisas circle the 27 year old crooner in ethereal Bored to Tears as he describes the mundanity of heartbreak. Visually LUKE FRASER channels Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gastby embellished with hues of Bryan Ferry’s sartorial elegance. 

LUKE FRASER’s’ songs of love, melancholy and hope bend and warp genres, drawing on elements of chamber pop, doo wop, rock and jazz to transport you from dimly lit bars to sun-drenched 60s Laurel Canyon to swirling British seaside carousels. Having spent years with various bands and musical projects, this marks Luke’s first solo project and most intimate and personal work to date. He can be found in London, performing these songs live, self-accompanied on his creaking plastic guitar.  With the album produced by renowned French fader wizard, JB Pilon (as supported by Lauren Laverne, Cerys Matthews on BBC Radio 6 Music) the songs on Moth Eaten Romeo are perhaps best enjoyed as the impossible musical union of John Grant and Father John Misty, or considered as as Bon Iver transported through a wormhole to emerge in the nineteen forties, his heart still resolutely broken.