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Jimmy Valentine

JIMMY VALENTINE the London based Indie/Alternative/Blend/Jazz Adjacent singer songwriter announces his new single, ‘Back To LA’ self released across all platforms on 17th November with digital distribution via CD Baby.   Impact for ‘Back To LA’ is slated for 8th December.

JIMMY VALENTINE’s voice isn’t one you’ll forget. Powerful yet controlled, his rich, husky vocals dominate whatever soundscape they unfold across. The new solo project was created after he was experimenting at home by tracking 90s indie guitars and drums with a splash of his dear old grandad’s jazz records - suddenly this trashy crooner came to life. His impressive vocal range invokes the feel of bygone eras, bringing 90s nostalgia combined with a debauched, yet elevated sound and aesthetic. JIMMY is set on carving out a niche with his bouncy piano melodies and lyrics underpinned by an endearing sense of humour.  Whatever you do, don’t say ‘retro’ without expecting a swift rebuttal from JIMMY and certainly don’t mention the last two ‘softly voiced’ albums by a certain ‘indie quartet’ from Sheffield without a cheeky wink and a shy nod of approval. 

JIMMY VALENTINE is the latest incarnation solo act Jamie Ley whose previous work with PACE and JAMIE AND THE LIONHEARTS gained widespread support across BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio 6 Music, catching the ear and imagination of Dermot O’Learly, Bethan Elfyn, Gary Crowley and Chris Hawkins.  

Jamie grew up on the South Coast of England but it was when he moved to Cardiff to University that his airplay success began.  Now based back in London Jamie’s alter ego JIMMY VALENTINE showcases a more restrained sound but one that clearly points towards the more hushed toned classics lifted from pop and rock’s more sophisticated cannon.  ‘Back To LA’ is the lead single from JIMMY VALENTINE’s debut 3 track EP due for release on 24th November.   The second single + EP focus track is ‘Summerboy’,

When speaking of ‘Back To LA’ Jimmy says,“In the rearview mirror of my life, I see the City of Angels, where the sunshine wraps its warm arms around my body and the endless vineyards make me giddy. LA, with its perpetual blue skies, is a metaphor for everything good in life that you miss, deeply. Then I realised, you can raise your glass in any city. I never actually lived there (although I visited, once).“  ‘Back To LA’ Credits: Words and music by Jimmy Valentine: Produced by Matt Kern. Mastered by Robin Schmidt at 24-9 Mastering. 

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