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JAMWS (pronounced Jam-wus) is a shimmering and imaginative indie artist who blends candid lyricism with dreamy yet tenacious alt pop.  Following in the footsteps of artists like Japanese Breakfast, Bon Iver, and The xx, JAMWS creates wondrous and mesmeric sound worlds guided by imagination.  In 2020 JAMWS independently released his debut EP, 'Toronto' which tells the story of a relationship coming to its end across five heartfelt tracks. ​ Since its release, JAMWS connection has grown to over 130,000 monthly listeners and nearly 7 million streams on Spotify. 

During the pandemic, JAMWS contacted Mikko Gordon, Grammy nominated producer of The Smile and Arcade Fire’s, WE with the aim of stepping up the recording process and reaching wider audiences.  In 2023 the process concludes, JAMWS will release his debut LP, Soft produced by Mikko Gordon and featuring ten original compositions, recorded and co-mixed by Mathew Keightley.  Also of note JAMWS’ father Morgan Cleary was a recording artist in the 1970’s who recorded one album on JET Records (E.L.O.), at the time the album was never released but has now been made available.  You can listen to Morgan Cleary’s The Secret album via Spotify HERE .

Of the new single JAMWS says,“‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love’ is the opening track on the album and feels like a good representation of a tension that runs through the record,” going on to comment, “This song is about trying to control love and when it happens. I wrote it at a time when I was seeing someone really special but also felt like I wanted to enjoy being single.  I’d only recently had my heart broken and the idea of falling in love again felt like too much.”  On the craft of songwriting JAMWS adds, "When I write music, I try not to think about writing to a template too much. I try to ask; "what does this song want to be?" or "what world does it live in?" It's important for me to have space for full band and solo arrangements, as well as more electronic producer-y stuff.  Artists like Prince and Paul McCartney have given me a lot of confidence to not feel restricted and keep a playful approach to writing and arrangements." ‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love’ was recorded at Hackney Road Studios, London.

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