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James Wood

Singer-songwriter James Wood is back with new single ‘Simple Things’, his latest single set for release on 7th September via Run On Records and Modern Sky UK . The single is taken from his upcoming EP which is set for release on 7th October.

James Wood is described as one of the country’s most exciting new singer-songwriters, whose early demos led to his first record deal. He is a former member of The Gallerys, a successful band with several UK tours and supports gigs with bands like Madness and The Rifles. But when The Gallerys split, he started a solo career. Through taking influences from the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Jake Bugg, James has grown his own rich sound powered by his compelling lyrics.

James does a lot more than just write and sing songs; and his new single ‘Simple Things’ has all the beauty of the poet philosopher with a guitar. Once again he shows his unique talent for paring back his subjects to their essence, yet still delivering a rich listening experience.‘The best things are the simple things’ is both the first and the final lyric of this new song, and in between James weaves his magical mix of poetry and passion to tell us just why. Speaking of the new single, James states “It’s about making the most of the simple things life has to offer. They tend to be the best bits of life we are gifted with - and living in the moment can be a very special place”. Millions of songs have this experience at heart, but James Wood’s lyrics are both poetic and philosophical and sung in his unique style that makes us not just listen, but to feel with him, because we’ve all been there.

 Simpler Things’ is the follow up single to ‘Wiser’ which was released in August 2022. Both singles are taken from James’ upcoming EP, HOST which is set for release in October 2022. ‘Simple Things’ was produced by Alex Quinn and mastered by Robin Schmidt. 

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