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Jack Critchlow

Following a quartet of slick, sharp and brutally catchy run of critically acclaimed and BBC Introducing supported singles North Yorkshire based singer, songwriter and multi instrumental JACK CRITCHOW releases his next track, ‘Smoke And Dust’, produced and mixed by Tayte Nickols (DANA LUNA, Supera Morza). 

JACK CRITCHLOW is a 19 year old pop songwriter and producer originally from North Yorkshire now based in Manchester. JACK started writing music aged 12, when he had the realization music traverses language and affects every person in different ways. JACK has been writing music ever since, from acoustic music when he was younger, to now writing more upbeat, funky pop music. The music he creates captures a unique sound of pop music, combining the catchy commercial sound with more musically interesting chords, rhythms and production elements. JACK is currently studying pop music at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.  

When speaking of ‘Smoke And Dust’ JACK said,“I wrote this song in the summer of 2022 about the dramatic ending of a relationship. This song makes the idea of burning and fire a metaphor for this dramatic ending. The verses draw on reminiscent memories with this person, particularly the second verse which gives in detail experiences and visual pictures. The choruses are then very dramatic and impactful through the use of heavy guitars, expressing anger and frustration towards this person. The bridge is then more of a sign of hope for the future and moving past this time. Through the use of words and also sounds of matches, flames and fire, I create a really nice blend with the lyrics and the idea of burning. I believe the song is very relatable, and I put the catchy/sing-along Oh’s in there so audiences could unite and get their frustration out about similar experiences.”

‘Smoke And Dust’ was produced and mixed by Tayte Nickols and Jack Critchlow, the track was recorded at Mad Fox Studios and mastered by Rookery.  ‘Smoke And Dust’ Writing Credits - Jack Critchlow, Francesa Rainey, ELNO, William Montague-Johnstone.

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