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HYTHE are a brand new production collab who fuse 80's pop with 90's and 00's dance beats all blended together with a subtle folk infusion.  ‘Rocket To Ride On’ is the first of 3 upcoming singles set for release in 2022.  Following the release of the single version of ‘Rocket To Ride On’, HYTHE will release an extended or ‘Night’ version of the track on 16th September showcasing the dubbier, dancier festival-esque side of the tune with its extended duration coming in at just under seven minutes.  

HYTHE is a new collaboration between two Bristol based producers and multi-instrumentalists Nick Watson and Arran Glass, combining a diverse selection of acoustic instrumentation with vintage & modern electronics with layered vocal arrangements.   

If like Nick and Arran you enjoy a lively mix of folk, dance classic pop vibes then HYTHE are a vital new find.  Their debut single ‘Rocket To Ride On’ is a feel-good track combining distinctive harmonies and vocoders with a nod to French dance (Air, Daft Punk) and ‘80s pop (Duran Duran, Frankie Goes To Hollywood), with the acoustic side of the band represented by autoharp, toy banjo and Nashville-strung guitars. Speaking of the single, singer Arran says, ‘At its heart, Rocket To Ride On is a song about empathy and the irresistible urge to come together and connect with one another, no matter how far apart we may be’.

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