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Frances Gein

Frances Gein is an LGBT+ self-proclaimed loser from Glasgow. She is an up-and-coming alt rock singer-songwriter, who looks to combine pop melodies with an eccentric range of genres.  Influenced by a wide variety of artists such as Radiohead, Nirvana, Lana del Rey and Kanye West; she takes the parts she loves to create her own signature GEIN style.

Although she was involved with classical music from a young age, she had no intention of pursuing music as a career until she escaped a traumatic abusive relationship. She learnt to sing and play guitar during the pandemic as her own personal therapy and fell in love with the art. She played in online communities to improve her craft throughout lockdown and when restrictions ended started travelling round the open mic circuit in Dundee. Within a year of beginning to write songs she began producing her own music from her bedroom, eventually heading to a local studio to achieve a more professional sound in her tracks.

Her name, Frances Gein, is a juxtaposition between art and filth. Frances, taken from Judy Garland's real name (Frances Gumm) and Gein from serial killer Ed Gein. She uses this name as a reminder that pain and horror can be turned into beautiful art. When performing she plays with a mask on to feel safe as she expresses her vulnerability while singing. Her lyrics cover a range of topics from addiction, mental health, existentialism, politics and absurdity. Inspired heavily by existential philosophy, art and poetry she is regularly invited to perform within the poetry scene in Glasgow. She is steadily curating an online community posting comedic and chaotic content with followers from around the world. 

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