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FELICETTE, the London/South West alternative quartet announce their new single, ‘Palpitations’ set for release across all platforms on 5th Dec 2023.  ‘Palpitations’ is taken from the band’s DEBUT 4 track EP, GO TO HELL also set for release on 5th Dec.  Single and EP are released by EVERYTHING SUCKS MUSIC.   GO TO HELL will also be released on limited edition 4 track cassette (Just 50 copies!!!) as well as download format.  Digital distribution is by Believe.

FELICETTE is a '90s-inspired alternative rock band formed in 2022 and based in London and the South West. 

FELICETTE takes Influences from the likes of Juliana Hatfield, the Breeders, Throwing Muses, Sleeper, Elastica and Veruca Salt.  The band is named from a piece of history—the first cat in space.  As befits such an iconic feline source of band name inspiration, FELICETTE’s individual members can also also be found on active duties with Cheerbleederz and Supermilk, with personnel having previously having repped for Matagot, Painter and Doe.  

FELICETTE’s debut EP captures the essence of the '90s with their raw, energetic sound, punchy guitars and bright melodic hooks and harmonies. This EP is the culmination of their passion for music and a nod to the pioneers that came before them, human and feline alike.  Speaking of the single ‘Palpitations’, Soph says, “We gave something of a vague challenge to ourselves writing this EP in that we wanted to write songs that generally weren’t in 4/4, (and it ended up that none of them were!) but in this case the time signature is something of a poor joke in itself, being in 7 it’s literally skipping a beat… However the song itself is about the feeling of impending doom that accompanies the anxiety of thinking you have no direction –  that the future is hurtling towards you at lightspeed and you are climbing under the covers to try and avoid it.”

On 18 October 1963, just after 8am local time, the Veronique rocket blasted off from the Interarmy Special Vehicles Test Centre in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Algeria, carrying cat Félicette with it and yes, she returned safely to earth after a fifteen minute suborbital space odyssey.  Félicette was also the only feline to survive a space mission! 

‘Palpitations’ and the GO TO HELL Ep were recorded at Marketstall Recording in February 2023 by Rich Mandell and were also mixed by Rich Mandell.  All songs were Mastered by Carl Saff.  Word mark and EP cover design by Caitlin Brady.  FELICETTE are Rose Asprey - vocals, bass guitar, Milly Sullivan - guitar, Sophie MacKenzie - vocals, guitar and Jake Popyura - drums.

We’re especially proud of our work on this project, which took a team-wide effort to complete. We understand every client requires a unique strategy, and were able to draw from our diverse experiences in applying our creative approach to deliver an outcome beyond what was expected.

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