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Estelle Mey

Over a storm of blisterting baritone guitar ESTELLE MEY chimes her brutal rhymes over a no holds barred barrage of drumming wizardry courtesy of new band member, Rob Dowsett.  Imagine a very angry PJ HARVEY fronting IOWA era SLIPKNOT with songs distilled from a gene pool of HOLE/L7/WARGASM  you’ll pretty soon get the vibe. 

After a long solo journey from France to Iceland and Iceland to England, ESTELLE MEY fell in love with the British heavy scene and decided to be part of it.  Joining up with Kent native Rob Dowset the duo started playing together at the end of 2021.  Their first gigs were a radical reworking of Estelle’s earliest tunes - played ultra heavy which drew favourable comparisons from artists such as NIN, SEPULTURA, BJORK and TURNSTILE.

 The first recording to feature the new line up of ESTELLE and ROB is 'Snake (Rejection)’.  Speaking of the single Estelle says, ‘“Snake (Rejection)’ is about saying stop to someone or something that makes you feel like you’re slowly dying . Letting go, speak out loud and walk away from what stops you from being happy, from being yourself or from evolving.”  Four tracks have so far been recorded with this line up with ‘Late (Dino song)’ currently slated for release in May.  An EP - ‘Inverted’ is planned for Autumn.  ESTELLE has supported FALSE HEADS and HEALTHY JUNKIES.  ‘Snake (Rejection)’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dean Whale.

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