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Cake Sale

 Did anything good come out of lockdown? Yes, Cake Sale. Fresh rock is baked together with sprinkles of pop to give Cake Sale their unique flavour. Inspired by Sixties’ rock and Noughties’ pop, Felix Rizzo French and Isaac Radcliffe manage to seamlessly blend their passions to create a sound that is both sophisticated and playful, and something Isaac’s mum described as ‘dead catchy’. The York based lads achieved BBC York Introducing’s record of the week, with their upcoming single ‘Let Go or Be Dragged’, written and recorded in Isolation. Don’t miss it, when it’s gone it’s scone. 

Cake Sale are a two-piece band from York with and incredible passion in music. Made up of Isaac Radcliffe and Felix Rizzo French they combine brilliant electronic beats with heavy guitar riffs and incredible vocals to create an undeniably catchy sound. 

With a history in music appearing in other bands such as Sex Geckos the two piece dominate the stage with a high energy presence that is just as noticeable in their lyrics and music. Cake Sale are the first band working with the Lost Artist Development Collective and have a promising career ahead of them having been featured on BBC Introducing as well as working with famous producer Steffan Pringle (Himalayas, Death Cult Electric etc) 


Cake Sale Music

A great opportunity to listen to the newest tracks from the Cake Sale Boys