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Croydon’s indie synth pop quartet Bugeye released their new single ‘Signs And Exits’’ across all digital platforms via Cro Cro Land Records on 18th November with digital distribution via CD Baby. Radio Impact/Focus Date is slated for 2nd Dec 2022.  The accompanying video for the single was directed by Laura Jean Marsh and you can watch that HERE 

Bugeye are a queer alternative rock band hailing from the concrete shores of Croydon, previously releasing via Reckless Yes ‘Signs And Exits’ is their second release through their own Cro Cro Land Records and follows, ‘Summer In The City. Re-imagined in 2018 with dirty guitars, disco beats, sizzling synths and exploding bass riffs that accelerate into the catchiest hooks on the planet, be prepared to hit the dancefloor and join the revolution. - Bugeye are a band that have a ‘give no f*cks’ attitude and do things their own way. With lyrics touching on subjects from the mundanity of modern city life, to global issues such as racism and climate change, tunes come wrapped in a riotous optimism that demands you to dance. While Bugeye have one foot in pop's past - think 70s dance floor meets post-punk meets noughties optimism.   Previous single ‘Summer in the City - achieved widespread airplay on 6 Music and Radio X and its accompanying Music Video directed by Laura Jean March - was winner of the London Movie Awards, October 2022 in recognition of excellence in film making.

Front women and Bugeye’s songwriter, Angela Martin formed the band with school friend and bass player Paula Snow. Speaking of their new single, “Signs And Exits’ Signs & Exits is about bullying. Bullying at school and bullying online. Children can be cruel and innocence can be destroyed in an instant with words and actions of which there seems like there is no escape. It’s about the transition of innocence into the world of school - a battle ground where the rules change daily and the warmth, kindness and protection you once knew are stripped away. Where the only place you really want to be is home.

Being in school can be hell on earth. The "misfits" are picked on for being different and if you manage to go unnoticed for a day, then it was a good day. Secondary school is about survival. Trying to work out who you are while also trying to fit in.  I was never bullied at school, but the school I went to was bloody scary and it was very much a case of try to get between lessons as quickly as you could, keep your head down and avoid certain people at all costs!   Inspiration as you’ll see from the video comes from - Lord of the flies, We Need To Talk About Kevin. The Boomtown Rats ‘Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays’.   Signs And Exits was produced by: Paul Tipler. Written by: Angela Martin & Paula Snow of Bugeye and Performed and recorded by: Bugeye including: Paula Snow, Angela Martin, Robyn Skinner and Kerrie Smith.

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