The LOST agency PR

NATIONAL RADIO PLUGGING – A unique approach to servicing national radio with airplay on Beats 1, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, BBC English Regions, Amazing Radio, Absolute Radio, Virgin, Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio X, TeamRock, Fresh On the Net, British Council (The Selector Radio), BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Scotland, GLR Bristol, GTFM & Nation Radio.

The LOST agency PR will deliver your music into the hands of the key decision makers of the British & global radio industries and rapidly expanding streaming services such as Spotify.

Our service is driven by an experienced Network BBC radio producer with insider knowledge and full contact list.  Full A&R service to assist with artist image, radio edit, choice of tracks, mixes, PR manipulation to maximise your chance of airplay.

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Recent highlights for acts serviced by the LOST agency PR

HMS MORRIS – Airplay on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music Radcliffe & Maconie, Chris Hawkins, Tom Robinson, BBC Intro Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Radio Wales, Qatar Radio, Morphettes Radio, Radio Kaos Caribou.

SONS – Airplay on BBC Radio 1, Phil Taggart, Radio X, John Kennedy, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing South, Morphettes Radio for new single, ‘Reptiles’.

MONICO BLONDE – Airplay on BBC Radio 1, Amazing Radio, Morphette Radio, Qatar Radio, Radio Kaos Caribou, playlisting on BBC Radio Wales plus spot plays on Adam Walton, Bethan Elfyn and Lisa Gwilym on BBC Radio Wales.

TENDER PREY – Airplay on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music (Marc Riley), BBC Introducing Wales, BBC Radio Wales, Hoxton Radio, Morphette, Radio Kaos Caribou for their new AA single. ‘Dot 3’/’Riot Of Smiles’

HAWK – Airplay on BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing London, BBC Introducing Wales, Amazing Radio Qatar Radio and Hoxton Radio for their forthcoming EP, She Knows.

JACK PERRETT  – Airplay from Rhod Gilbert, Bethan Elfyn BBC Radio Wales, MonFM and Morphette Radio for new AA single, ‘Me And You’ c/w ‘I’ve Got It All But I Want More’.

HOMES – Airplay on Radio X, BBC Introducing Wales, Radio Wales, Radio Kaos Caribou for new single, ‘Weight’.

BIRDCAGE – Airplay on Beats 1 (Apple Radio), Morphette Radio, BBC Introducing Wales, Radio Kaod Caribous for new EP Let Me Think.

CALLY RHODES – Airplay on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 Anneka Rice, BBC Introducing Shropshire, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Introducing Wales, BBC Shropshire, Radio Scarborough, Morphette Radio and Hoxton Radio.

ESTRONS – air plays on R1 including Clara Amfo, Greg James, Huw Stephens, Annie Mac and Phil Taggart. Beats 1, Radio X, Selector Radio, Amazing Radio, Hoxton Radio, BBC Introducing London, Hoxton Radio, BBC Radio Wales and Radio Cymru support.

ATTIX – Airplay on Radio X – Jack Saunders #SOTN Shock Of The New + BBC Radio Wales.

FLORENCE BLACK – Airplay on BBC Radio 2, Total Rock Radio, Real Rock Radio, GTFM, Nation Radio.

JACK ELLIS – R2 Session with Dermot O’Leary and airplay from Virgin Radio and BBC Radio Wales.

THE CRADLES – ‘You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me’ airplay from BBC Introducing Wales, Radio X and BBC 6 Music ahead of release.

HMS MORRIS – ‘Interior Design’ – airplay from Tom Robinson and 6 Music Mixtape, Radio X John Kennedy, Radio 1 Huw Stephens, BBC Introducing Wales, Hoxton Radio, Radio Cymru.

ESTRONS – ‘Make A Man’ – playlisted on R1, Beats 1, BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio and Radio X.  Airplay on Selector Radio, Hoxton Radio, Roundhouse Radio, BBC Introducing London, BBC Introducing Wales, Kerrang, Team Rock, Couleur 3.   Showcased at SXSW as featured artist for R1/R2/6 Music.  R1 Maida Vale Session.  Radio X – Great X-Pectation.  Huw Stephens Tip Of The Week for new single ‘Drop’.

ALED RHEON – ‘Stay With Me’ c/w ‘Wrap Up Warm’ – airplay on BBC 6 Music, Chris Hawkins, Steve Lamacq, Tom Ravenscroft and Tom Robinson.  Airplay from R1 Huw Stephens.  Playlisting for 8 weeks on BBC Radio Wales.

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Further highlights for acts serviced by the LOST agency PR

THE ATTIX – ‘Like A Stone – Playlisting 5 weeks on Planet Rock New Rock Show Playlist.  BBC Radio Wales Introducing Artist Of The Week – Bethan Elfyn.  Airplay also from Amazing Radio.

HAWK – ‘Once Told’ – airplay on BBC 6 Music, Radio X, Selector Radio, BBC Introducing London, Hoxton Radio, Roundhouse Radio.  New single ‘The Hunt’ airplay with Goldie Rocks on Selector Radio

CONNAH EVANS – ‘Wait For Me’ – airplay on Amazing Radio, BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing Wales, W!ZARD Radio.

MADDIE JONES – ‘Colour Me In’ EP – airplay on Amazing Radio, 6 Music, BBC Wales Introducing + TeamRock with Pete Bailey on The Alt Show and Nicky Horne on The Classic Magazine Show

BEACH FATIGUE – ‘Drunken Grrrls’ – 6 Music plays from Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq & Chris Hawkins.  “Who needs the late lamented Cramps when we have Beach Fatigue in 2015” – Tom Robinson.  “This is where surf meets punk in downtown Swansea” – Steve Lamacq.  Amazing Radio airplay from Shell Zenner. Airplay also from Selector Radio – British Council Radio.  

WE’RE NO HEROES – ‘Stay Weird’ – R1 support from Huw Stephens, track premiered on Gigwise music blog.

 blackstar-single-1600 willo wonder pacshot Findyouselfv1 Drunken Grrrls Single Artwork beach-fatigue-2-1024x1024v1 WOE_COVER - Small EL_Promo2 - Small editv1 Willo Wonder Black Beauty Packshot Untitled-1 Leon Of Athens Heroes Profile Image B&W Hawk_Promo1 Cadbury Sister Sarah EP Cover Final 20th April 2015 totem terrors shrink a billion lions fighting lions Be Automatic video size pairs WEBv1 Rag Foundation b&w keep the lights lowv1 Letters Home artwork image The Marks Cartel Logo with face Amplifier_Cover2Gold Single Covercropv1  BILLION LIONS PROMO pix 1 shrink  billion lions torquay packshotv1  the dirty youth latest band shot The One Single Artwork HANA - spraypaint cropv1 Clock Hands EP Cover IMG_6758 hana promo shot i don't want to video Hawk white cubes new imagev3 Bridges stepsv5 caralis press image 01 marks cartell single sleeve v1 hana new profile picture - eyes Hawk bench new imagecrop2 TCS Bath V2-2cropv2    RAK Logo pretty vicious studio with logo Chris King Car - 50505070 TCS_itunes

Further highlights for acts serviced by the LOST agency PR

WILLO WONDER – ‘Black Beauty’ debuts on BBC 6 Music Introducing Mixtape 27th July.  EP release 2nd October.  Tom Robinson plays ‘Black Beauty’ on 1.8.15 and calls Willo a ‘Brilliant new artist’.  Two BBC 6 Music plays in 6 days on BBC 6 Music.  Airplay on BBC Radio Wales, Bethan Elfyn, Adam Walton, Chris Needs & GLR Bristol.

WE’RE NO HEROES – ‘Voodoo’ – playlisted on BBC Radio Wales as Welsh Artist Of The Week w/c 27.7.15

DAN BETTRIDGE – Chosen as one of the four new artists to launch BBC Introducing on BBC Radio 2 with a special concert for Jo Whiley from Maida Vale.  Airplay from Bob Harris, Jo Whiley, Dermot O’Leary, Clare Balding on BBC R2, Huw Stephens on R1, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing Wales and BBC London.

BEACH FATIGUE – ‘Drunken Grrrls’ – BBC 6 Music plays from Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq & Chris Hawkins.  “Who needs the late lamented Cramps when we have Beach Fatigue in 2015” – Tom Robinson.  “”This is where surf meets punk in downtown Swansea” – Steve Lamacq.  Amazing Radio airplay from Shell Zenner. Airplay also from Selector Radio – British Council Radio.  

WE’RE NO HEROES – R1 support from Huw Stephens, track premiered on Gigwise music blog.

WILLO WONDER – ‘Black Beauty’ debuts on BBC 6 Music Introducing Mixtape 27th July.  EP release 2nd October.  Tom Robinson plays ‘Black Beauty’ on 1.8.15 and calls Willo a ‘Brilliant new artist’.  Two BBC 6 Music plays in 6 days on BBC 6 Music.  Airplay on BBC Radio Wales, Bethan Elfyn, Adam Walton, Chris Needs & GLR Bristol.

EX LIBRAS – ‘Woe’ – airplay on XFM – John Kennedy, Amazing Radio, Aaron Phillips & Jim Gellatly, plus Fubar Radio

THE CADBURY SISTERS – ‘Sarah’ #Janice Loves x 3 continued support from BBC Radio 2

MIKE DIGNAM – Airplay for ‘Addict’ on XFM – Dave Rowntree plus interview with Dave

LEON OF ATHENS – Airplay for both ‘Global’ and ‘Baby Asteroid’ on BBC Introducing London, Gary Crowley

DENIM SNAKES – Playlisted on Planet Rock – 4 weeks before release, plus BBC Wales Introducing Artist Of The week

AMPLIFIER – ‘Black Rainbow’ – playlisted on Planet Rock for 8 weeks plus plays on XFM and BBC 6 Music

TOTEM TERRORS – ‘Narrowman’ – 2 x BBC 6 Music plays in one week.

WE’RE NO HEROES – ‘Voodoo’ – airplay on Amazing, BBC R1 and BBC 6 in 1 week plus Play-listed on BBC Radio Wales

HAWK – ‘Glass’ airplay on XFM, Amazing Radio, BBC 6 Music Steve Lamacq & 6 Recommends plus interview with Dave Rowntree

THE CADBURY SISTERS – ‘Get This Feeling’ – Janice Loves on BBC Radio 2

THE CADBURY SISTERS – ‘Drifting’ – airplay on Amazing Radio

A BILLION LIONS – ‘Doomsday Babies’ airplay on Amazing Radio, 6 Music and XFM.

RAG FOUNDATION – ‘Run’ playlisted on BBC Radio Wales

COQUIN MIGALE – ‘Gold’ moves up to Amazing Radio B Playlist – 4 weeks on playlist.

DAN BETTRIDGE -‘Third Eye Blind’ supported on Radio 2 by Clare Balding & Dermot O’Leary & Mark Radcliffe Folk On 2 and Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2.

AMPLIFIER – ‘Black Rainbow’ played on 6 Music by Tom Robinson & Ian Camfield XFM

THE DIRTY YOUTH – Playlisted on Kerrang! K Nights Doom’s List 4 weeks on list.

REMEMBERING AUGUST – ‘Stay’ chosen to air on EXIT 97.7 FM USA radio in conjunction with Amazing Radio for ‘Across The Pond’ radio show presented by Charlie Ashcroft.

COQUIN MIGALE – ‘Gold’ – Playlisted on Amazing Radio 4 weeks ahead of release

CARALIS – Debut single ‘Clicks In’ – XFM support from John Kennedy x 3 plays.

HAWK – featured artist ‘live session‘ on The Selector – British Council Radio show for #IWD2015 broadcast to over 43 countries and an audience of + 4 million listeners.

THE DIRTY YOUTH – Featured artist on Amazing Radio for #IWD2015  Aaron Phillips Rock Show

HANA – ‘Where Is My Mind’ – airplay on Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart R1 plus BBC Introducing Wales – Jan/Feb 2015.

HANA – played O2 Indigo for This Is Global’s Big Music Project mentored by Rizzle Kicks.

COQUIN MIGALE – ‘Gold’ – airplays x 2 on R1 Huw Stephens and 2 x 6 Music Tom Robinson & BBC Intro Mixtape  Including support on 6 and 1 in the same week as well as widespread BBC Introducing support.

COQUIN MIGALE –  featured as ‘Huw’s tip of the week’ Mon 9th Feb 2015.

THE DIRTY YOUTH – ‘The One’ featured in The Daily Mirror’s 3 AM column, Sat 14th Feb 2015.

A BILLION LIONS – ‘Torquay’ on Amazing Radio Rock Show, quoted as ‘Green Day and Slaves have a fight and write a song about it!’

HANA – Playlisted on R1 for ‘I Don’t’ Want To’ – Dec 15th 2014 BBC Intro Artist Of The Week.

Pretty Vicious – playlisted on R1 for ‘Cave Song’ – Dec 8th 2014 BBC Intro Artist Of The Week.

Pretty Vicious – ‘Cave Song’ – airplay on Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens R1, Dave Rowntree XFM & Amazing Radio playlisting – 4 months ahead of release.   Support from BBC 6 Music playlist team.

HAWK – support for new EP – ‘Clock Hands’ – Amazing Radio, XFM, 6 Music and Selector Radio (syndicated over 40 countries)

HAWK – ‘Hush’ – play-listing on Amazing Radio & support from Dave Rowntree play on XFM.

Remembering August – ‘Stay’ playlisted on Amazing Radio.

The Cadbury Sisters – ‘Weight Of It’ playlisted on on Amazing Radio x 5 weeks.

14 UK national plays for John MOuse – R1/6 Music/Radio 2 – ‘I Was A Goalkeeper’ including Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq, Chris Hawkins,  BBC 6 music Recommends and Frank Skinner Absolute Radio.

19 UK National plays for The Cadbury Sisters “Milk” including R1, 6 Music, XFM, Amazing Radio and sessions on Radio London and Amazing Radio

HANA – a full spread of plays on R1, R2, BBC Intro and BBC 6 Music for 14 year old without any label support what-so-ever:)  Playlisting on BBC Radio Wales/Radio Wales.

The Cadbury Sisters RAK Singles Club campaign – Weight Of It c/w Make Me Smile – which has had 16 BBC Radio 2 plays and play-listing for 5 weeks on Amazing Radio ahead of release.  Airplay also from John Kennedy XFM, Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music and Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio.  The band performed at Radio 2 at Hyde Park and have been supported as BBC Bristol & West, BBC Introducing, BBC Gloucester.  Play-listing on BBC Gloucester.  The band were also fully endorsed by Steve Harley for their cover of Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) with Steve writing in to R2 to Janice Long and also contacting RAK.

Hawk graphic and plaster imagecrop BEAUTIFUL BOY band shot5070 chris_king_front_albumsquarecrop remembering august brother epv4  TCS Bath V2-2cropv2 Hawk chairs imagecrop BEAUTIFUL BOY RAK IMAGE66 RAK Logo SOS Cover_v353 CADRAK-6987resize25 littlearrowshootkirstenmcternan088 copy 2505050 Chris King Car - 50505070 Hana WANNA B waterpistolshrink AIGTFINAL505050 Remebering August Brother-106 copy505505066 Every Time We Think Cover505050 littlearrowshootkirstenmcternan103 copy505050cropv3  littlearrowgraphicwithstickerv1 Caribesqueshrinkv2 hana trainv1 India Mill band 2crop Clockwork_Radio_(2014)2jpeg5080 WNH One50crop Rowntreebig TCS black and white TCS_itunes seraclannadimage509090crop Ellie Makes Music Cartoon70859585Goalkeeper50505075  kingcoalcrop2 tax 4 Facebookheader7085 923307_524572290912266_1491354031_n clixx-94 THEEARTHSOOC-97changed size (2) - Copy Adding Machine Image505070 jets to zurich mountain shotmsmall ellie makes music cover Eject Pilot Eject Promo Photo 2cropv2 Facebook_icon Promo CD Cover Front50505085crop

The LOST agency PR is a powerful addition to the Welsh Music Industry – our goal is simple, to get the next generation of regional bands and singers on air on UK National Radio.  Whatever your needs or level of experience the LOST agency PR – is the place to go, our unique boutique service provides assistance with image, choice of tracks, mixes, PR, branding, in short everything you need to know to maximise your chance of airplay on UK National Radio.

National Radio plugging current and past clients include, SONS, Tender Prey, Palomino Party, Monico Blonde, Cally Rhodes, ESTRONS, Florence Black, Homes, Birdcage, HMS Morris, Jack Ellis, ticktock, Connah Evans, The Attix, Maddie Jones, The Cradles, Beach Fatigue, The Sonic Revolvers, Willo Wonder, Mike Dignam, Weather Warning, The Curious Incident, Totem Terrors, LEON of ATHENS, Dan Bettridge, Amplifier, A Billion Lions, Coquin Migale, Indigo Face, Rag Foundation, The Dirty Youth, Geraint Rhys & The Lost Generation, HANA, C A R A L I S, The Mark Cartel, Bridges, Pretty Vicious, Courteous Thief, Beautiful Boy, Hawk, The Marivaux, Remembering August, Little Arrow, Quiet Marauder, India Mill, Clockwork Radio, We’re No Heroes, John MOuse, The Cadbury Sisters, Sera, The Tax, Marley Blandford, Leika, Fjords, Chris King & Hotel Radio, The Earth,  Adding Machine, Jets To Zurich, Ellie Makes Music & Eject Pilot Eject.

Regional clients include Alex Stacey, John Adams, Fingertrap, Courteous Thief, Jack Perrett and Little Folk.

Support for acts serviced by the LOST agency PR includes airplay on Radio X, BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio London 94.9, BBC Introducing Oxford, BBC Introducing Bristol & The West, BBC Introducing NE, BBC Introducing WY, BBC Introducing Merseyside, BBC Scotland, XFM, Team Rock Radio, Kerrang! Planet Rock, GLR Bristol, The Selector – British Council Radio show worldwide audience 4 million plus heard in 42 countries, Amazing Radio, Absolute Radio, Nation Radio, BBC Radio Wales, GTFM and Today FM (Dublin).

Since 1st August 2013 – clients of the LOST agency PR tracks have had their tracks played on air and supported by

Goldie-rocks, Clare Balding, Huey Morgan, Anneka Rice, Jo Whiley, Janice Long, Dermot O’Leary, Bob Harris, Alex Lester, Chris Hawkins, Mark Radcliffe, Radcliffe and Macconie, Marc Riley, Mark Racliffe (Folk on 2) Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Cerys Matthews, Tom Robinson, Shaun Keaveny, Ricky Ross, Wyatt Wendels, Johnny Doom, Alex Baker, Huw Stephens, Annie Mac, Phil Taggart, Julie Adenuga, Matt Wilkinson, Zane Lowe, Clara Amfo, Greg James, Phil Taggart, Fearne Cotton, Gemma Cairey, Alice Levine, Scott Mills, Jen Long & Ally McCrae, Pete Bailey, Nicky Horne, Ian Camfield, Kylie Olsson, Nicky Horne, John Kennedy, Hattie Pearson, Dave Rowntree, Bethan Elfyn, Charlie Ashcroft, Ruth Barnes, Simon Raymonde, Gill Mills, Chris Martin, Shell Zenner, Baylen Leonard, Jim Gellatly, Kathryn Tickell, Aaron Phillips, Dani Charlton, Frank Skinner, Adam Perkins, Frank Hennessy, Tom Price, Jamie Owen, Simon Lederman, Gary Crowley, Robert Elms, Chris PJ Martin, Andrew Shay & Paul McLoone.

Based around the unique play-listing and talent spotting skills of highly respected industry taste-maker and ex BBC Radio producer Darren Broome.

The LOST agency PR provides services previously missing from Wales, the skills experience and determination to propel new acts to the next level whether national or international, whilst retaining intellectual property within Wales and the regions.

The LOST agency PR has a proven track record for finding and exposing new talent to national and global audiences.